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Counteract Hair Loss with Treatment in Mitcham, Surrey

There are many factors that contribute to hair loss, and it is important for them to be identified. At Nefertiti Hair & Beauty, in Mitcham, Surrey, we offer clients hair loss consultations and treatments, allowing us to identify the contributing issues and counteract them.

Determining the Contributing Factors

During the one-hour consultation we will discuss your lifestyle, what you do with your hair, and whether you are taking any specific medication. It could be that your medications are causing hair loss, although there are a number of other potential factors, including alopecia, stress, and a lack of protein.

Comprehensive Camera Analysis

Using a specialist camera, we will analyse your scalp in detail. This will magnify your scalp and the skin, meaning that our experts are able to identify issues unnoticeable to the naked eye. Should you require any images, we will happily provide them for you. After determining the issue, we will offer you one of our treatments.

Private and Discreet Treatments

Ranging from GP help and hair pieces to haircuts and extensions, Nefertiti Hair & Beauty has a range of treatments that will counteract hair loss. Our team of specialists will run through and discuss all of the options available to you following the consultation. Should you choose to go ahead with a treatment, this will be done in a separate, private room. For more than three years we have been providing these treatments, with prices starting from just £40.

Beautiful Hair

Contact us now, in Mitcham, Surrey, to discover more about our hair loss consultations and treatments.