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Making Hair Healthy in Mitcham, Surrey

Unhealthy hair often affects confidence and self-esteem, with a resolution seeming to be a distant dream. However, at Nefertiti Hair & Beauty, in Mitcham, Surrey, we specialise in providing both male and female clients with corrective hair treatments and services, allowing you to love your hair once again.

Long Curly Hair

Deciding on a Post-Treatment Style

To ensure that clients are happy with the end result, we always conduct a thorough consultation prior to starting work. We will discuss your regular daily and weekly hair care routine before deciding upon your styling choice and how you want to look when leaving the salon. After this has been decided, we will provide information on pricing and the length of the service.

Beneficial Treatments

The entire service often takes between one-and-a-half and two hours to complete, and includes shampooing, the treatment itself, and the styling and finishing. The treatment will prevent hair loss  and breakage, make the hair feel healthier, and reinforce its strength, depending on the option that you choose. Each of the treatments is tailored to suit your specific hair type, and involves professional products that often contain fewer chemicals than those used by our competitors. Our advanced treatments start from as little as £30.

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